10th English Guess 2022.pdf

10th English Guess 2022.pdf

10th English Guess 2022.pdf

‘Change the dressing at least daily or whenever it becomes wet or dirty, you are allergic to the adhesive

used in most bandages, switch to adhesive-free dressings or sterile gauze held in place with paper tape, gauze

‘oll oF a loosely applied elastic bandage. These supplies generally are available at pharmacies.



‘Newspapers do not require us to sit at a place and read the news. Busy people may read the papers

anytime of the day. They may read the news that is important to them early in the news that is important to

‘them early in the morning, and carry the paper with them to read in the bus or van. They nay also chose to

‘omit certain aspects of the news that they are not interested in.



Each medium has strengths that the other does not. Each makes use of strong points that the other lacks

Television news is like having a fast food meal whereas reading newspapers is like having a ten course dinner.

‘The ideal seems to be, if one has the time. to both read the news and watch it on television.



Newspaper can give us the more in-depth coverage. Editorials and column writers can give us their expert

views and analysis that we can digest slowly as we read them. Many people also opt to read more than one

newspaper 3 day so as to get different viewpoints of the story and to check for its validity



Tam glad that ! have got a taste of what the real world has to offer. | Rave learned many lessons from my

‘public High School, boarding school, and work experiences. | am now ready to learn many more lessons

through my college experience. Although it has been tough, | have succeeded so far. | am prepared to excel

‘and make it much further in the years to come with my college education. This developing positive outlook has

‘iver me the motivation that | need to become successful. | never give up. When | am determined to achieve,

“shoot for the moon and land amongst the stars”.



Today, life has become more dynamic and innovative Gone are the days when the medical and engineering

fields were the only available choices. Now 3 whole world of non-traditional careers, from IT, electronic media

and web networking to online business portals and fashion designing. are available for young people.



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