10th English MCQs Full Book.pdf

10th English MCQs Full Book.pdf

10th English MCQs Full Book.pdf

(A): Choose the correct form of verb and fill up the bubbles sheet. (5)
1 They _____ tea every morning.
(A) take (B) took (C) takes (D) are taking
2 He ____ the truth.
(A) speak (B) speaks (C) speaking (D) spoken
3 The baby _____ now.
(A) sleep (B) sleeping (C) slept (D) is sleeping
4 Shahida ______ a sad song today.
(A) sing `
(B) sings (C) sang (D) is singing
5 They _____ to school when the storm broke.
(A) are going (B) went (C) gone (D) were going
(B): Choose the correct spellings of the following words. (5)
6 (A) perfection (B) parfection (C) perfaction (D) pirfection
7 (A) conflict (B) canflict (C) cunflect (D) cenflect
8 (A) adhesive (B) adhasive (C) adhusive (D) adhassive
9 (A) entertainment (B) intertainment (C) entrtanment (D) entiretainment
10 whaper
(A) whaper (B) whisper q
(C) wishper (D) whispar
(C): Choose the correct meanings of the underlined word and fill up the bubbles sheet. (5)
11 The synonym of ‘reward’ is:
(A) prize (B) fine (C) penalty (D) gift
12 "Proficient" means:
(A) skillful (B) willful (C) rebel (D) contrary
13 We saw strange animals in the zoo. Which connotation is more positive to fill the underlined
(A) fascinating (B) beautiful (C) dangerous (D) weird
14 The word ancestors means.
(A) relatives (B) forefathers (C) successors (D) brothers/sisters
15 The synonym of current is :
(A) dated (B) old (C) out dated (D) up to date
(D): Choose the correct op

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