Dogar ISSB Book LQ.pdf

Dogar ISSB Book LQ.pdf

Dogar ISSB Book LQ.pdf
ISSB - Selection Systen,


+ Aim of Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB)
is to select potential officers for the defence
forces of Pakistan who have the requisite
capabilities to successfully complete their
course of training at the Military Academies and
also possess physical, mental, social and
dynamic qualities to make successful leaders
during peace and war.

+ Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB) caters for
selection of candidates for training as potential
officers for all the three Services’ of Pakistan.
Services Headquarters, however, plans the total number of candidates to
‘be tested/inducted in various courses as per their overall requirement/schedule.

& Three Dimensional Selection Technique:

The selection technique followed by the ISSB is three dimensional. All
candidates appearing before the ISSB are to take three different types of tests, ie
Psychological tests, GTO tests and Interview. _
The Psychologist Officers, Group Testing Officers and the
Who are specialists in their respective fields, administer these t
+ They assess you in order to determine who amo
for leading the military outfits in peace and war.


Deputy Presidents,

mast You possesses the potential


‘These tests include intelligence and Personality tests and are
of the first day. *eld on the moming

@ intettigence Tests:
+ These tests are of two main types; verbal and non verbal. Candidates
come up to the minimum standards are screened out. They are 4 Who fail to

back to their homes after the test on the first day. 4 t0 proceeg

&) Mechanical Aptitude Test:
+ It is designed to assess candidates’ basic mechanical sense.

@ Personality Tests:

+ ‘These are written tests of analytical/ projective type.

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