The Biography of the Prophet Muhammad S A W.pdf

The Biography of the Prophet Muhammad S A W.pdf

The Biography of the Prophet Muhammad S A W.pdf

Great religions of the world had spread the light of faith, 
morality and learning in the ages past. However, by the 
sixth century AD, so completely were their scriptures and 
teachings distorted that had the founder or the Prophet of 
any one of them returned to Earth, he would 
unquestionably have refused his own religion and 
denounced its followers as apostates and idolaters.
Judaism had, by then, been reduced to an amalgam of 
dead rituals and sacraments without any spark of life left 
in it. Also, being a religion upholding a strong racial 
identity, it never had a message for other nations or for the 
good of the humanity at large. 
Through mysticism and magic many polytheistic ideas 
and customs again found their way among the people, 
and the Talmud confirms the fact that idolatrous worship 
is seductive. The Babylonian Gemara (popular during the 
sixth century and often even preferred to Torah by the 
orthodox Jews) illustrates the state of the sixth century 
Jews' intellectual and religious understanding. It contains 
jocular and imprudent remarks about God and many 
absurd and outrageous beliefs and ideas, which lack not 
only sensibility but also inconsistency with the Jewish 
faith in monotheism.

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