The Making of Pakistan.pdf

The Making of Pakistan.pdf

The Making of Pakistan.pdf

HIS book deals with Muslim nationalism in Imperial India 
in its four aspects. The first stage in the growth of a national-
ism is the evolution of a group into a nation. This is mainly an 
historical development and occurs on the time-le"\Tel. Chapters 
I, 2, and 3 describe how the Indian Muslims came to look upon 
themselves as a separate national group,· how this affected 
'Indian' nationalism and how it was consummated by the es-
tablishment of an· independent Muslim state. In brief, they 
deal with the Muslim nationalist movement in its historical 
and political aspects. The second stage (which, in terms of 
time, may sometimes coincide with the first stage) arrives 
when the national group begins to enunciate the principles and 
ideals on which it claims a separate existence. The nation 
justifies its nationhood on the philosophical plane. This may 
take two shapes: r~ligion and culture. These two arguments 
are the theme of Chapters 4 and 5, which deal, respectively, 
with the religious element and the cultural background of 
Muslim nationalism. The last aspect chosen for study is the 
psychological factor in nationalism. How the Indian Muslims 
took pride in being one nation, how they invented symbols to 
represent their nationalism and created myths to reflect their 
aspirations, how they persuaded themselves of their own solid-
arity: this is the subject of Chapter 6. Chapter 7 examines the 
two-nation theory on which the creation of Pakistan was 
professedly based. · 
The Introduction describes the subject of the book and de-
fines its terms of reference. The Epilogue sums up the argu-
ment and raises some questions. 
My wife has helped me in the writing of this book by checking 
the references, reading the proofs and in sundry other ways. 
I am very grateful to her.

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